Kaja Magnussen

Welcome to Kajaś Peace Hub

Photo: Kaja Magnussen

We are going through some big changes in this lifetime. This leads us to consciously choose whether we respond to life rather than react to life. As we learn to respond to life we need a greater consciousness to build a new future. By creating a Calm Mind, Open Heart and Strong Body you will have a foundation for bringing in enough new energy to create your new future that take you, your relationships and your surroundings more into account. 

How is your life unfolding for you?  How are you dealing with your daily life? Are changes happening? Are you happy where you are? The good news is that you can use these changes to create your life from the inside out. This takes time and practice, and if you activate you inner resources you will have tools to bring in enough new energy to turn your focus inwards and see the world from inside out instead of outside in. You will be amazed about how things are interconnected, and how easy and fun change can be.

When I started to learn to incorporate my body in a new way in 2003, it took me on an amazing journey of self-discovery and growth. I love to share my insights and learnings. The intention I have for the people I co-create with, is to support and cultivate their inner resources so they can live in harmony with themselves, others and their surroundings. Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced- «John Keats»

If you choose self-discovery and growth, your life will be filled with wonder and awe about your potential. You will develop a greater understanding for yourself, your relationships and your surroundings. Developing consciousness is the new way to create a sustainable world. This shift in consciousness enables new insights that can be used as building blocks for your new reality. 

I have many years of experience holding an open and safe space for you to explore and activate your potential. If not now, when? 

Contact me here for a 15 min free session. I use english and norwegian in my services