About me

About me

My name is Kaja and I live in a beautiful area of Norway in the countryside on a small farm. After quite a few years in the city my husband and I decided it was time to create a lifestyle based on what we wanted and what inspired us. I love people, animals, nature, food, new experiences and travel. Our lives are very active, we have golf as a common hobby. My husband is working in the film industry and we both travel a lot. We have a lot of fun when we are together sharing and creating our future as the world is in constant change. 

My journey of discoveries started in 2003 with a certification in coaching. Since then my life has taken a very different direction leading me on a path of meeting many inspiring people which created opportunities to learn and grow. Until this day my focus is on studying and applying ancient wisdom and our modern day philosphers discoveries.

I am part of Global Communities of Evolutionary Leaders which inspire me to be with people who share a common vision of Peace, a quality we carry inside of us and apply to our everyday life. When you have peace within, you bring it to your surroundings. My personal intention is to live a meaningful life full of inspiration and joy. I am grateful for every person, experience and learning in this lifetime. 

I have travelled a lot and got to know many wonderful people and cultures. This has enriched my life to understand how our heritage and the environment has an impact on each individual and the overall culture. At the same time the universal language is love. What all people are longing for is connection, harmony and peace. 

The intention I have for my clients is to support the natural processes we have so we can live in peace and harmony with ourselves, others and our surroundings. I have dedicated my life to guide and support people to connect to their own powerful resources to unleash their unique potential. 

If you want updates on opportunites you can like the Kaja`s Peace Hub Facebook page. You are also welcome to follow me on Instagram I love to share how I see the world. 


Kaja Magnussen <3

Photos: Kaja Magnussen