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Photo: Kaja Magnussen

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Photo: Kaja Magnussen

How is your life unfolding for you? How are you dealing with your daily life? Are changes happening? Are you happy where you are? The good news is that you can use these changes to create your life from the inside out. This takes time and practice, and if you activate you inner resources you will have tools to bring in enough new energy to turn your focus inwards and see the world from inside out instead of outside in. You will be amazed about how things are interconnected, and how easy and fun change can be.

If you choose self-discovery and growth, your life will be filled with wonder and awe about your potential. You will develop a greater understanding for yourself, your relationships and your surroundings. Developing consciousness is the new way to create a sustainable world. This shift in consciousness enables new insights that can be used as building blocks for your new reality. 

I have many years of experience holding an open and safe space for you to explore and activate your potential. If not now, when?

Contact me here for a 15 min free session. I use english and norwegian in my services

 I use Skype, Zoom and Facetime as platforms for our meetings :-) 

ReConnect with Yourself 1-1 Coaching session: Who are you?

You have your unique path in this lifetime. During this 1 1/2 hours session we will get to know each other and co-create a foundation to work from. From there the coaching program will be tailormade for you with a focus on self-discovery and growth. We will work on getting clear on your intentions. What I am curious about is what you want in your life, what is important for you, your "achilles heel" and to use these as steppingstones. This is the gateway to an expanded reality and will lead you on an amazing path of new possilibites, where you will feel more free, happy and whole.

ReConnect with Others - Relationships - Coaching session: Who are we?

By becoming conscious of your inner resources you can create new life experiences and shift your consciousness to change your life. This will support you to feel more integrated and whole and change the dynamic in your relationships as you move forward together. You will learn tools to communicate from your heart, set an intention, finding common ground and create a solid foundation on how you want your relationships to be. This will form the cornerstones for your future. First session will be a  1 1/2 hour and from there we will co-create following this sessions together.

ReConnect with the Whole - Teams and Groups - Who are you in Groups and Teams?

This will always be a tailormade program where we will come together and co-create the proposal. In this time of constant change the willingness to change is a key factor to create the "new story". Who we are with self, others and in our surroundings is the foundation and the cornerstones for creating successful solutions that takes a bigger picture into account. 


The aim of the training is to create a strong working unit and through that create a new team identity. This will make it easier to integrate the team to the companies values and vision. The principle of listening, align and collaborate with heart-centerd comminication that will lead to sustainable growth and change. If this is something you are interested in contact me. 

Talk: From Chaos to Inner Peace 

The intention for the talk is to inspire people to take the leap of self-discovery and growth.

How would it be to be able to consciously transform a state of being of Chaos to Inner Peace? When your body is using all its resources you feel whole and can co-create from a place of peace, harmony and joy. Calm Mind, Open Heart and a Strong Body is about finding that the ability to achieve all of these things that is already within us. If you are stuck in survival mood you are cut out from a greater potential of evolving. This talk will give you the possibliity to push a re-set button and experience going from Chaos to Inner Peace.

“Peace is not something you wish for. It's something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away” - John Lennon

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